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Record Review: The Sleepers – Push It Nationwide (Rocksauce Records)

Push_it_nationwideIt’s ironic that just last week I was talking about being a rock and roll gearhead when the first thing I noticed on the back cover of “Push It Nationwide” by The Sleepers is a photo of a bunch of amps in the studio and what looks suspiciously like a Vox “Super Beatle” amp amongst the stacks. This was the amp that Vox provided the band for their infamous (and last) 1966 world tour and it immediately caught my attention with one of those “these guys look interesting” moments when I was shuffling through a bunch of CDs that I had recently received.

First off, these guys do not sound like the Beatles. Nowhere close. What these guys offer is pure, hook filled raunchy rock and roll that caught me from “Jet Set Trash” and didn’t let go until “Lonely.” They lock into such a great rock and roll groove that you are constantly hitting repeat because you can’t seem to get enough on the first listen. For me a good sign as to whether I like an album is when I am having a hard time trying to figure out which song to play on Rock and Roll Report Radio. Should it be “Don’t Let Me In”, “ Bad For Me”, “Lost Cowboy” or “Jacknife Judy”? Decisions, decisions…..

This Chicago band really lay out the kind of rock and roll that I like to blare full blast out the windows and onto the street. Plus they prominently feature that most rock and roll of instruments, the cowbell! Great stuff. A keeper and for sure it will be a CD I’ll be playing often both on the air and on my iPod.

Check out their MySpace page for a listen of what they have to offer. Cool shit.