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Record Review: The Snitches- “Black Book” (Indie 2005)

Snitches_black_book_sc The Montreal music scene is definitely growing in leaps and bounds but as usual with any “scene” there is no definable sound that you can point to. The only thing all these bands have in common is the city they sleep in. The Snitches are a band from Montreal, true but really that’s not why this is a great record (OK maybe a little bit why). What these guys have going for them is something a lot of “indie” bands seem to forget about: absolutely great songs!

While The Snitches certainly have enough indie cred to keep up with the best of them, their 2005 release “Black Book” is full of an amazing variety of styles that gets stronger with each listen. At first you might consider lead off track “Come On Back, Angeline” to be your favourite until “Kick in the Head” sticks in your brain or “Blink.” And just when you’re all pumped up about those rockers you slip on the headphones and fall head over eye sockets in love with the gorgeous psychedelic slow rocker “See You Tonight” and once again you shake your head in amazement.

This is primo, first grade rock and roll that just happens to come from my own hometown. Pick up your copy at Sugartune, a very cool source for Montreal indie rock and roll. Expect to hear more about Sugartune and some interesting plans with The Rock and Roll Report in the near future. It’s all good.