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Record Review: Three Quarter Stone – “It Starts Right Here” (Kissing Bridge Productions 2006)

Everytime I think I’m becoming partial to a specific style of rock and roll something comes along to remind me that I can never restrict myself to any one genre. Recently I have been listening to a lot of power pop and before that a ton of garage but after having just listened to “It Starts Right Here” by Three Quarter Stone I have rediscovered the joy of melodic hard rock.

Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, Three Quarter Stone have made it a mission to pump out some furious hard rock that features great backing/harmonizing vocals which is something that always sucks me in. While the whole album is great, there is always that one song that seems to draw me in to multiple plays and on “It Starts Right Here” there was now doubt that that song was “Without You.” Loaded with killer riffs and those amazing backing vocals, “Without You” made the next playlist of Rock and Roll Report Radio in a heartbeat. Actually that’s not true, it barely beat out the funky “Killed Last” for the honours but there are a bunch of tunes on this CD that could have made the list including the very cool and exotic “Bad For Me.”

My recommendation is to head over to their site and listen to the album or better yet, contact the band and buy a copy. Tasty hard rock from a bunch of rockin’ Canadians. Gotta love it!