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Reefer Madness or Why I Should Get The Illegal Download Monkee Off My Back

Check out Turn On. Tune In. Download. for an interesting take on the morality, or lack of, in illegal file sharing. I have been perfectly clear on my take on the P2P debate. It is illegal and essetially amounts to stealing in its current form. Why do people download? Well, most of the people that I know who do it do it for the following reasons: (a) They are trying to locate some obscure rock and roll nugget which is not available on CD or they can’t find it, (b) They want to sample a song or two from a band they have heard about before buying the CD. If they like the songs they buy the CD, if they don’t they end up deleting the file anyways, (c) They are looking to experience a new type of music (rock and roll fan interested in bluegrass for example) and they want to get up to speed on the genre. If they like the stuff they usually end up buying a heap of CDs soon thereafter, and (d) They only want one song from an album. If iTunes or something similar comes to Windows as it has proven so far, they will actually pay a reasonably cost for reasonable fair use of the song. The record companies could also allways go back to releasing something equivalent to the 45 that is cheap,legal and has tangible value. The debate continues.