Reflections in a Computer Monitor

Today marks two months since I have been writing this blog and my enthusiasm for the form and the subject matter remain undimmed. The whole purpose of starting this blog was naively simple, to reclaim rock and roll from those who insist on dividing it into a never ending list of niches and sub-genres. In my mind, garage is rock and roll, punk is rock and roll and pop is rock and roll along with country rock, alternative rock, modern rock (what the hell is that?), schlock rock, rolling rock and whatever other type of (insert description here)rock you can name. U2 is rock and roll along with the Ramones, the Buzzcocks, The Woggles, The Tragically Hip, Wilco White Stripes, 13th Floor Elevators and Midnight Oil to give just a varied example. All of this music is simply rock and roll interpreted in a multitude of ways based on a multitude of inspirations. No band is sacred, no style lords down over all the others (metal rules dude!). Rock and roll is, and will always be a vast melting pot of styles and influences played with attitude, emotion and conviction with enough of an amplified beat to get your hips shaking and gyrating in time. And for heaven’s sake it has to be fun!
In the next few months, The Rock and Roll Report will also be changing and evolving. While I like to concentrate on publicizing record labels, radio stations, magazines and web sites, I have not had the chance to really highlight specific bands that float my rock and roll boat as much as I would like to but hopefully that will change as both time and money allow.
Thanks for all the encouragement to everyone who has e-mailed me with suggestions, links, hints and tips, your generosity does not go unappreciated. And a special thanks to my wife and son for putting up with this crazy venture. Remember to book mark for plenty more rock and roll fun and adventure in the future and let me know what you like and hate about this crazy music called rock and roll. Have a great long weekend for anybody lucky enough to celebrate it. I’ll be back September 2nd.