Reflections on the legacy of Kurt Cobain

kurt.jpgIt has been thirteen years today since the death of Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

It is hard to believe over a decade has passed since that fateful day. Their last performance on MTV Unplugged is and will always be etched in my mind. It was a beautiful concert but there was something very humble, shy almost sad about Kurt, perhaps a fore shadowing of his struggle with carrying the weight and pressure that I believe drove him inside himself. The world crowned him king of grunge and all “Grunge” bands that followed after were only a shadow to this band that skyrocketed to fame. Perhaps his ongoing battle with addiction made his darkest blues black. I know from reading excerpts from his diary that he was constantly pleading for God to help him. I am sure anyone who loved the band remembers the moment the news of his body being found at his home broke out to a generation in shock, and will remember exactly where and how they heard it. I think a piece of my heart broke that day for him and for anyone so in need and lost.

It is ironic that he could be so revered by a generation yet feel so alone. In a cloak of solitude he left us, but with his gift of music, a legacy exists forever in the hearts of all his confused and angst ridden fans. He played his heart out so that it wouldn’t break and in the end broke many, yet he will always be loved .If he is looking down from above I wonder if he wished it had all been a different play on a different stage. Personally I wish he could have found a way to cope and stay with us, although he lives on in the music known as NIRVANA.