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Remembering the mixtape…part 3

Howdy fellow rock and rollers!

Apologies for not posting here for what seems like a trillion years but I’m back with another article on the joys of making mixtapes!

Since my last article featuring the rather excellent mixtape request site,Tiny Mix Tapes , I’ve been on the look out for even more websites in which to discuss one of favourite hobbies for music junkies like yours truly! An article for Stylus Magazine sets out and advertises "The International Mixtape Project".

The project, which started in November 2003, has seen people from all over the world make, send and trade their handmade mix CD’s and tapes with each other, often people they have never actually met. The article also gives a brief description on why making mixtapes are so much fun and how the project works. Pretty much, once a month Person X makes and sends a tape to a random person on the list while they recieve a tape off another random person on the list.

In addition the article also gives many pearls of wisdom into the art of making a compilation. For example: "Cover art and messages about the mixing process are not required but always welcome!"

Think that your mix tapes /CDs are the best around? Eager to show off your ability to put Elton John, Weezer, Slipknot and Sam Cooke all on one compilation? (like I on my last mix CD!)

Well then Art of the Mix is the site for you! Created in December 1997, AotM, allows people to submit, rate and even download (if on Mp3 format) their mixes and their accompanying pieces of art work that go with them. If you’re looking for a particular mix and/or song the chances are somebody’s submitted it to the AotM!

Even though it’s hardly the prettiest looking site you’ll find on the net, it’s easy to use and is much more interactive than Tiny Mix Tapes . It also includes a number of interesting essays such as: "Thoughts on the Politics of the Mixed Tape" and "References to Mixed Tapes in Popular Culture".

That’s it for now people! I’ve picked up a copy of Thurston Moore’s "Remembering the Mix Tape", which I’ll be reading as soon as I finshed the Lester Bangs biography, which I highly recommend if you want some great rock and roll reading!

Laters people!

Ashley King