Retro Iron Maiden

Iron_maiden In the early ’80s I had a bunch of buddies that were really into all the cutting edge metal bands of the time. It was through them that I was introduced to groups like Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Tygers of Pan Tang, Riot, Saxon and Iron Maiden. I remember listening to “Phantom of the Opera” “Sanctuary” and “Charlotte the Harlot” on the first Iron Maiden album and thinking that it was just the coolest thing around and now word comes down that the upcoming Iron Maiden tour will feature their four first albums as the theme of the tour. A great idea to be sure as these albums, especially the first two are amazing. I wonder if they will get Paul Di’anno to sing of couple of numbers?


  1. Dude, thats awesome! I remember when those records came out too. I was really into maiden back then and the other bands you mentioned as well. I gotta admit, I havnt listened to those albums in a long time. What a great idea about them basing their tour on these records. Maiden is one of the all time best!!!


  2. I love Iron Maiden’s harmonies. A few months ago I loved AC/DC but it wasnt really fast enough but now theres a rock band with a punk beat its awsome.

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