Reunion a go go

2007 is turning out to be one weird year in rock and roll. We have the Police back together and touring, David Lee Roth back with Van Halen and touring (or not?). There are rumblings that Page, Plant and Jones are planning a trip to a concert stage near you, 2/3 of The Jam are back (no Paul Weller so what’s the point?). Plus there is talk that the original version of Guns and Roses are thinking of hitting the road again as well as a newly reunited Cult. To top that all off I noticed that this year’s Rock Fest is a veritable trip back to 1976. We have Boston, Deep Purple, Grand Funk Railroad and Chicago joining personal fave The Tragically Hip for a night of what, nostalgia? Bad weed? Trying to figure out why the lead singer looks nowhere near like the guy featured on that huge poster of Boston you used to have hanging in your bedroom in high school?

All these reunions are starting to take there toll on me. Personally I think the Police reunion is a good thing as they never properly exited the scene but Grand Funk Railroad!!! Yikes, pass the Thunderbird and slap on an 8 track before I wake up. I’m all dazed and confused.