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Revenge of the Geeks

Remember when being a geek was a bad thing? How you use to look down on them in high school and push them around the hallways? Well, don’t look back because it is these very same geeks (and trust me, they consider the name a compliment) that are creating the technology that will either enhance your music listening experience or make it so mind numbingling complicated that you will pine for the days of your vinyl albums. If P2P, DRM, DECSS are all gibberish to you, head on over to Slashdot, proudly proclaimed as “News for Nerds” where you will find all the hot technology stories of the day debated and dissected ad infinitum. You might not understand much at first and I realize this isn’t exactly rock and roll but eventually you’ll figure things out because after all, with the way music technology is evolving, you won’t have a choice.