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Review: The Americans “The White EP”

With a little help from a friend, namely Sean Lennon, The Americans have released this nice six pack of an EP entitled, “The White EP.” It is their sophomore effort, which follows a self-titled debut, and will be released on November 16, 2010.

Another friend who lends a hand is Daniel Merriweather, contributing to the jovial opening track, “Try (Nobody Wants To).” This soaring pop tune is perfectly crafted and the band’s soulful R&B influence is evident with their nod to Jackie Wilson’s “Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher” in the coda.

The second track, “The Antidote,” begins with some luscious la-la’s and has a bubblegum backing vocal that makes this tune irresistible. The soulful horns on “Not Still In Love” carry this catchy tune to new heights, but a song like “Diamond” needs no assistance – the melody alone makes this one instantly memorable. As a special bonus, Sean Lennon not only produced the final track (“Requiem”), but he also guests on it.

The Americans was formed in 2008 by the London-born, Paris-raised, Charlie Klarsfeld (vocals, guitars, keys and producer) who now resides in New York with the band’s additional four members. Overall, the music is packed full with pop, rock, and soul influences from every decade since the ’60s. Such genre blending often results in a mess but, much like the melting pot that America is, The Americans have stirred up a wonderfully delicious confection in their cauldron.

If you like anything from Paul McCartney to Prince, be sure to pick up the debut CD now and mark your calendars to get “The White EP.”

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