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Revisiting my Rock and Roll Mission

Ever since I started The Rock and Roll Report I have always hoped it would be a fun destination for rock and roll fans looking for somewhere to discover some great rock and roll, something that they very well might not have had a chance to listen to or read about elsewhere. As the site is in the midst of a complete redesign and overhaul (which will be very cool, I guarantee) and with plans for a podcast in addition to Rock and Roll Report Radio I was recently asked what the mission of the site is, what sets it apart from all the other kajillion music blogs out there and this is what I answered:

You know when you’re online on some cool music site or at a club listening to a great band and you wonder "why don’t I hear this on my local rock radio station?" Well The Rock and Roll Report is here to give you your fix of all that great rock and roll that you are probably missing or at least to point you in the right direction. The next step is up to you. Buy the CDs from those bands that you like, go to their shows and lobby your local commercial or community radio station to play this stuff. If you do, we all will be happier for it.

The Rock and Roll Report is not intended to be the destination but merely a place to stop, check your map and get your bearings as you search out all the great rock and roll you deserve to hear in this day and age of shitty commercial rock radio and insipid major label drivel. Isn’t this fun!

Cheers! Here’s to more great rock and roll in the months and years ahead.