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Rock ‘n’ Roll Girls

I could never understand the debate as to whether “women could rock.” As if gender had anything to do with the rock and roll attitude. Never the less, some young women might feel that there is no place in rock and roll for them and they couldn’t be further from the truth. If you or someone you know is looking for a bit of inspiration, I came across some interesting sites just for women who want to rock.
The first is ROCKRGRL magazine, a print magazine that describes itself as “an important, independent and alternative voice reflecting female musicians’ diverse points of view.” One point that they make and that I completely agree with is “Women playing music is neither a “trend” nor “genre” and ROCKRGRL proves this in every issue.” Well said.
The next is the website GRRLYROCK, a resource laden site that, according to their introduction “is the internet’s largest search database for the support and promotion of women in rock.” Full of news, articles and inspiration from all types of rock and roll, GRRLYROCK is an impressive destination for women rockers on the web.
Next is Pussycat Magazine’s Rock and Roll section with everything from interviews with women rock and rollers to an article on how to start your own record label. Tons of stuff guaranteed to inspire anybody who feels the need to rock and roll.
Finally, I came across this article on Blue Jean Online called Rocker Girls Start Their Own Bands which is both inspiring and realistic and well worth a read.
There you have it. A couple of sites that I hope will inspire someone to pick up a guitar or set of drum sticks and hit the rock and roll trail. As I always say, it’s all about attitude.