Rock ahead with Jon Kirkman

Rock Ahead is an interesting website for you classic rock fans (like me). I think it’s pretty cool since it reviews everything from a DVD by Wishbone Ash to a CD compilation on The Runaways. Lot’s of great progrock stuff to. Don’t be afraid of the “classic rock” moniker. It’s all just rock and roll. Some is good, some is great and some of it is crap. All part of the joys of discovery, remember that? Check it out.

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  1. Hi, always a cool site!
    Found this news article at

    To quash any rumours that have been circulating. Pete MZ Emms has not been approached to replace Frankie Poullain in UK band The Darkness. Pete says “Its amazing how the rumour machine can suddenly kick in, The Darkness are a great band and great ambassadors for British rock, but deny I’ve been approached by Sue Whitehouse or anyone in The Darkness camp! After spending a lot of time in the States and getting the new line up I’m concentrating on putting a new management team and label around us and currently looking at offers that continue to come in!”

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