Rock and Roll 2.0: How Web 2.0 Can Get You Heard and Make You a Star

If you had any doubt about the impact that Web 2.0 technologies like MySpace, blogging and YouTube are having on musicians and their ability to make a living without major label support, check out the New York Times article Sex, Drugs and Updating Your Blog (registration required). Tracking musicians like Jonathan Coulton (where I found out about the article on his very compelling blog GarageSpin), OK Go, The Hold Steady and Scene Aesthetic, it shows how these musicians are exploiting the power of the Internet to get their music heard and support themselves as true independent musicians. It also discusses the dark side of sudden MySpace or YouTube success but over all gives a very positive and downright inspiring view of what musicians can do in 2007 to make build up a fan base. Required reading if you are in a band!