Live Rock and Roll

Rock and Roll Fun Maritime Style

I have a hot travel tip for you and you are guaranteed a good time! If the thought of beer, great rock and roll and a fantastic, friendly and historic city catch your fancy then you might just want to book off the weekend of September 20th and head down to Halifax, Nova Scotia for Keith’s Fest 1820. Headlined by the mighty Halifax bred Sloan and featuring 19 other great East Coast bands, you will absolutely have a blast. Not because of the beer (although that helps), not because of the bands (they would be great to see anywhere) but because the show is being held in one of the nicest, friendliest and funest (is that a word?) cities in North America. The people in Halifax and the Maritimes in general are absolutely great. Plus, if you’re an American, our sinking Canadian Loonie (dollar) makes this trip a bargain. Do it. Go. You won’t regret it. And if the thought of going to a corporate sponsored show bothers your sensibilities don’t go. Thanks to Chart Magazine for the tip. Always a good read.