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Rock and Roll Help Needed

As the Rock and Roll Report grows and expands I have come to the realization that to fulfill its mission of proving that rock and roll still thrives and survives, I am going to need more help. Therefore I am requesting that if anybody is interested in getting involved in The Rock and Roll Report, this is where the needs are most critical:

Record Reviewers: As the Report has expanded there is an urgent need for record reviewers who know and love their rock and roll. Consider yourself an expert in psychedelic-power pop-punk-hard-metal-garage rock and the indie labels and bands that pump it out? Prove it! Send in your record reviews of the latest and greatest stuff (particularly of unsigned and indie bands) and tell the world why.

Writers: Consider yourself a rock and roll history expert? So you say you know everything about rock and roll from Singapore during the 1960s? Your collection of cool rock and roll videos threatening to overtake all your habitable space at home? Maintain a database of every cool indie rock and roll record label from the ‘50s to today on your computer just for kicks? Don’t just drive your friends nuts with your Cliff Claven-like knowledge, get it in writing and post it to The Rock and Roll Report. You could be the next Nick Kent!

Artist and Repertoire: This is just a fancy name that record labels invented for “talent scout.” There are literally thousands of great bands out there either unsigned or signed to small indie labels that need to be heard. They are the heart of what The Rock and Roll Report is all about but I can only write about so many. I’m looking for writers who’s mission in life is to find, listen to and see these bands live and then write about them. You know who they are. Toiling the local bar circuit, huge in the “tri-state area” but otherwise criminally unknown. With a greater emphasis placed on unsigned and indie bands for 2005, I am already inundated with some great music that I am struggling to listen to and write about. It is a great problem to have but I would love to share it with a core group of writers passionate for real, niche-free rock and roll and who know where to look to find it. Knowledge of the rock and roll scene outside of North America and Western Europe would be an added bonus.

Web Developer: I’m looking for someone who knows their RSS and CSS from their ASS. Intimate geek knowledge of HTML, Atom and the LAMP platform a must. Has the ability to spit out and understand geeky acronyms at will. Knowledge of Movable Type and Typepad vital. Familiarity with blogging tools and software required. A love for niche-free rock and roll a given.

Marketing and Publicity Guru: The Rock and Roll Report is affiliated with a number of important companies like Amazon, iTunes, CD Baby and Not Lame Records but these affiliations are not used to the best of their ability. I’m looking for somebody with a love of rock and roll and an intimate knowledge of affiliate programs and Internet marketing who could ensure that these resources are used to their full capacity while complementing the mission of The Rock and Roll Report. Nothing pisses a rock and roll fan more than overt, in your face advertising so if you don’t understand the concept of “advertising that serves the reader’s interest” then don’t bother applying. Familiarity with blogs and blog publicity and advertising tools (like Blog Ads and Blog Explosion) would be a big asset.

All of these positions are volunteer positions. This is a great way to pad your resume in preparation for that search for a real job plus you’ll be involved with that current Internet buzz word “blogging.” If you love rock and roll and most importantly, understand that it is supposed to fun for crying out loud, then send me an e-mail letting me know you would like to get involved. Make 2005 a rock and roll year we’ll never forget.