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Rock and Roll Postcards from France: Gérard’s Top 10 from 2007


It has been awhile since I have featured some record reviews from the Rock and Roll Report’s “European Rock Correspondent” Gérard Girard, host of Pop Dreams on the Continent but despite the fact that he is super busy he took some time out to fill me in on his “Top 10” of 2007. Check ’em out:

-SIGNAL HILL TRANSMISSION “an empty space“/ at his best!!

-JUNIOR LEAGUE “catchy” Released in 2006 but only arrived in my area in 2007!! Joe Adragna is a one man band and this guy rocks!!! Powerpop at this best!

-ANGIL 1 THE HIDDENTRACKS “oulipo saliva” Unique Records/ Frenchy guys but universal music!!!! Popelectrojazzfolk at his best!

-FOUNTAIN OF WAYNE “traffic and weather” Virgin records/ kings of Pop!

-SINGLES “start again“/ Yes the return of this greatpowerpop60s from Detroit!! and yes it’s a 2006 release but don’t forget I live in France!!

-JON AUER “songs form the year of our demise” Feet music/ the best Posies album of the year!!!

-AXE RIVERBOY “tutu to tango” Atmospheriques Records/ My fav french pop artist (in fact the singer of Tahiti 80)

-THE SHINS “wincing the night away” Sub Pop Records/brilliant Portland pop at his best!

-LEN PRICE 3 “rentacrowd” Wicked Cool Records/ English power pop at his best!!! Thanks to the Jam and the Who!!

-Eric BROWN “now that you’re fed” Simply the best pop album of the year!!

-honorable mentions : Keene Brothers/REM live/the hard left/Wellingtons/Pernice Brothers/Steven Mark/Break Up Society/

By Gérard Girard