Rock Radio 2.0

Rock and roll radio done right. A KCDX Update

The response I have had to my post on KCDX as my Rock and Roll Station of the Week back in November has been phenomenal (at least in Rock and Roll Report terms). So far people have posted 9 comments to the Blog Critics post and 3 comments to The Rock and Roll Report post and all have been in praise of KCDX as rock and roll radio done right. To me this only goes to prove 2 things: 1. Radio is still the most personal of mediums as listeners assume an emotional attachment to a good radio station that is just not possible in television, and 2. Rock and roll radio done right is such a joy and a shock to the system at the same time that it makes it extremely difficult to listen to the pap broadcast on other corporate controlled radio stations. A loyal listener of KCDX has e-mailed me to let me know that there is in fact a KCDX website which posts a continuously updated playlist of what has played and is currently playing on the station. The website does state that there will be more features soon but judging from the e-mail I have received and the comments about KCDX, everybody is clamoring for the same thing: When will KCDX start streaming over the ‘Net? I in fact do not have the answer but I have e-mailed the “KCDX Guru” to find out if it is even in the cards. It is a shame that something this good can only be heard by so few. A lot of us non-Arizonians (does that sound right?) would love nothing better than to be able to share in this incredible rock and roll radio station. As I have showcased throughout the short history of The Rock and Roll Report, rock and roll radio is still alive out there on the odd terrestrial radio station willing to buck the corporate trend (Little Steven’s show being one of the notable exceptions) as well as on the hundreds of Internet only stations that keep the rock and roll fires burning but I think that a lot of rock and roll fans desperately hope that KCDX will join the party and start webcasting to the world so we can all point to it as one more example of how the tide in the battle for radio diversity is being slowly but inevitably won. As the Beach Boys so aptly put it “Wouldn’t it be nice…”