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Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week: Red Wanting Blue

When most bands get together, they have a common goal of playing a few shows and making money. Most bands stay together very long because the members are just in it for that brief moment of time and they’re gone, having moved on to other things in their lives, or to different musical projects.

The original members of the Columbus band Red Wanting Blue came together as a group while still in college in Athens, OH. But the band wanted to be much more than just a “college band,” they were looking to create music and to be able to create a real following among their fans. There was no way of knowing that the band that came together in college would end up staying together longer than most of the vast majority of bands out there. Having hit the decade mark in their career a few years ago, Red Wanting Blue has definitely shown they know what hey are doing. With all of the bands that try and fail, this is one band that has become a group of seasoned professionals who have discovered how to survive in the ever-changing music industry.
One reason for Red Wanting Blue’s longevity is the way the band connects with the audience when they perform. There are very few times that will you find a band that will acknowledge that there is actually someone watching. The interaction with the band is one reason for the audience coming back to see the group time after time.

Of course, with any band, a large reason for Red Wanting Blue surviving for as long as they have is their music. The band’s radio-friendly rock instantly draws the audience in. And with eight releases to draw from, the band has plenty of songs that have become fan favorites over the years.

In fact, Red Wanting Blue’s last studio release, 2004’s Pride: The Cold Lover, was such a smash with their fans wherever they went, the band decided to take their time creating their next studio release. They knew that their next album had to live up to “Pride”.

While the band was focusing on the task of writing their next album, time slipped away. To keep their fans happy, the band opened up their rehearsal space to some of their friends and family and recorded a very intimate concert for a live release. The resulting CD, The Warehouse Sessions, was the band’s seventh release. This double CD helped bridge the gap between Pride: The Cold Lover and their next studio album.
The Warehouse Sessions was an instant hit with the band’s fan base as the release ended up reaching the #1 spot on This followed Pride: The Cold Lover, which also hit the #1 spot when it was released in 2004.

Red Wanting Blue recently released their eighth release. That album, These Magnificent Miles, is everything their fans were hoping for. With the band’s distinct rock style and singer Scott Terry’s vocal delivery style, this is a release that ended up being worth the wait.

While Scott Terry wrote the lyrics, the band helped create the twelve songs that make up These Magnificent Miles. The rest of Red Wanting Blue consists of: Eric Hall on guitar, Greg Rahm on guitar, Mark McCullough on bass, and Ed Davis on drums. Each member was part of the process in helping to shape the music for the new release. Several of the songs on the album were even created with the help of the ban’s former drummer, Mark Stepro.

You can almost feel the movement of the earth while listening to These Magnificent Miles, like the writing process of the album took place while the band was out on tour. The songs seem to have a recurring theme of ‘traveling’ running through them: Where You Wanna Go is about needing a change of scenery, You Are My Las Vegas is a tribute to one of their favorite destinations, U.S. Bumper Sticker is about having been out on the road for so long, the band begins to feel like they are part of the country, and Gravity is about not floating off into the cosmos. The packaging for the album even comes complete with little reminders of places the band has visited while on the road.

Red Wanting Blue is currently back out on the road in support of their new release. The band has continuously toured since forming more than a decade ago. And the most impressive thing about that is: they’ve existed this long without any label support. And with These Magnificent Miles being perhaps the band’s strongest release to date, you can bet the band will be around for a long time to come.

Red Wanting Blue can be found on MySpace at Also check out the band’s publicist, Mike Farley, at

Matheson Kamin

If you like what you hear on Red Wanting Blue’s MySpace page we encourage you to buy their music through CD Baby by clicking on any of the album covers below where you can listen to the albums and either buy the physical CD or download the tracks as MP3s. In addition, go see the band live and buy their merch as that is the best way to support independent rock and roll!

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