Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week: Starewell

I love the way Starewell introduces themselves in their press release: Starewell is a hard rock, rock ‘n’ roll, pop-rock or metal band, depending on your age/gender and how you relate to ‘what they do” as musicians. When you listen to their latest CD Broke and Out of Money you realize how true this statement is. Initially my impression was of a heavy hard rock band after listening to the title track and Down On Me (both of which have been played on Rock and Roll Report Radio and the podcast) but that was tempered by listening to their pop-rock leanings on tracks like Your Angels and 28.

Having been compared to everybody from Stone Temple Pilots, Audioslave, April Wine, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Foo Fighters and Collective Soul, this Canadian trio from Calgary are my exhibit one for the futility of labeling your rock and roll. Forget trying to lump them with other hard rockers or heavy metalers and just call them what they are: pure, unadulteratedly rock and roll.

Together for almost 8 years, these guys know what it takes to shake your rock roll money maker and their CD gives me one of those pleasant problems where I never know which song to feature since they are all great. Great, sugar coated hard rock gobs of candy that taste better with each handful, not only do Starewell float my rock and roll boat but they add a 350 horsepower Merc to the back for extra good measure. Great stuff.

You can hear quite a bit of them on their MySpace page at I also played them on Podcasts 20 and 22.

Buy Broke and Out of Money on Starewell - Broke and Out of Money