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Rock and Roll Report Band of the Week: The Golden Gods

(Editor’s Note. Over the summer months we have decided to re-present to you some amazing bands that we have featured as Band of the Week in the past. For those of you who haven’t been regular readers of The Rock and Roll Report, we hope you enjoy them. For those of you who are regular readers, it is about time to revisit some of our favourites. The Golden Gods originally appeared in August 2008.)

Life is not always fair. You discover a band that seriously floats your boat only to discover that you are too late and they have disbanded and moved on. Such is the situation with the incredible Golden Gods. A massively powerful trio with hooks and rock and roll swagger galore these guys absolutely rock with conviction and authority. Despite the fact that they are no longer a functioning unit they recently reunited to play a show in San Francisco to appease their fans who have mourned their loss since last fall.

Pretty much everything I have heard from these guys I have liked and they definitely embrace that late ’70s rock and roll vibe in the league of bands like Bad Company or Humble Pie. An incredible band and highly recommended. Enjoy them while you can.

Two of the members of the band, Simon Scott and Richard Shelton Davis have moved on and formed a new band called The Resurrection. You can check them out here:

You can buy The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll by The Golden Gods on The Golden Gods - The Thorny Crown of Rock and Roll