Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Airbourne


I feel like I have to make a caveat before this blitz to avoid anybody pointing fingers and yelling sellout at me. Airbourne is on Roadrunner Records which is one of the preeminent hard rock/heavy metal independent record labels in the world. The thing is, they are not technically independent as they are now owned by the Warners Music Group. Now I have always said that I don’t discriminate based on mode of distribution and I still put all my time and focus on unsigned and smaller indie labels but this band is too good to ignore. And on top of that I don’t hear these guys on commercial rock radio anyways! That being said…..

These guys are great! Airbourne hails from Australia and the obvious similarities with country-mates AC/DC have been made and it is not an altogether inaccurate comparison but holy shit do these goes rock hard! Simple, straight forward, fist pumping rock and roll is what Airbourne is all about and man do they know their stuff as they prove song after song on their debut CD Runnin’ Wild . Now some purists will yell copycat and as usual I respond by pointing to the fact that everybody in rock and roll has basically ripped off Chuck Berry since Maybelline so that’s nothing new but Airbourne have the balls to pull it off with aplomb. Joel O’Keefe has the raunch in his voice to lay legitimate claim as Bon Scott’s heir apparent and every song just sounds loud and right.

I have played Runnin’ Wild about 6 times in a row and I can’t think of any better compliment than that. Are these guys derivative? Uhhhh, yes. Are these guys breaking any new ground? Uhhhhh no. Are these guys great? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. I am listening to Stand Up For Rock ‘N’ Roll on the stereo and it’s just too fuckin’ loud. What was the question again?