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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Avi and Celia


I was recently in Burlington, Vermont (a seriously cool little town) and as I was walking back to my hotel late on a Saturday night I heard some amazing blues harp emanating from this little bar on the Church Street Marketplace. Unfortunately I couldn’t stick around but I finally tracked down the band and it turns out that it was Avi and Celia, a duo who split their time between Burlington and Boston.

Now what do they sound like? iTunes on my laptop pegged them as unclassifiable which is one way to look at them. I suppose you can say that they take bits and pieces from the blues, bluegrass, folk, Americana and rock and roll and make it their own but that’s beside the point in my book. You can tell right away that this music comes from the very fiber of their souls and it is absolutely spellbinding to listen to.

Check out some of their stuff on their MySpace page at and get ready for something a bit different but man the groove on “Soak Her In” is addicting! I’m a fan.



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AVI & CELIA: Off the Floor