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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Bang Sugar Bang

bang-sugar-bang.jpgEqual parts sassy, sexy, sleazy and always catchy, I discovered Bang Sugar Bang through a Greatest Hits package Buy the CD I received from Italian record label Nicotine Records a few years back and was instantly hooked. With a new album Victory Gin out any day now, have a listen to the tunes posted on their MySpace page at for a perfect encapsulation of what the band is all about. From the call and response of Follow the Zombies to the biting satire of That’s OK Civil Rights and one of my favourites in The Machine Gun Song (we can all sympathize with that tune at one point or other!) every song spits out rock and roll.

Bang Sugar Bang are such a great time and the alternating vocals of ultra-sexy Cooper Gillespie and Matt Southwell fit together so well that this band is made to be played loud and proud. More great rock and roll from Lost Angeles.

Here’s a video shot by their drunken friend for your viewing pleasure: