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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Featured on Fridays

featured-on-fridays-small.jpgI have always loved Rush. That might sound strange if you are a listener to Rock and Roll Report Radio but I have made no secret of this on the site and I usually need a fix of Geddy and the boys every couple of months to set me on the straight and narrow. That being said I understand that Rush is not for everyone and certainly progressive rock has the tendency to self-inflate its importance from time to time but in my mind it is always a real pleasure to listen to pure musicianship in the progressive rock setting and Featured on Fridays, a very cool duo from Miami certainly fit the bill.

With songs like Laws of the Universe, Analog Trainwreck and The Flagraiser the band embarks on an amazing rock tour de force of syncopated rhythms, complex bass structures and wailing guitars with some very cool left turns and stops and starts that make listening an incredibly satisfying adventure.

Like I said, this stuff isn’t for everybody but you owe it to yourself as a fan of rock and roll to sample all colors of the rock and roll palette and Featured on Fridays bring quite a bit to the table. Have a listen on their MySpace page and start your sonic adventure today.