Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Janey Summer – Rock Vocalist Extraordinaire!

Janey Summer is the best female Rock vocalist that I have ever heard. She is based in the south west of England. Janey has mastered a harmonically powerful and raunchily bluesy vocal style driving an absolutely superb voice with such power, finesse and style.

Her first release will hit the main retailers in February this year, a single called ‘You Rock My (Chemistry)’, this is a beautifully written song with composition and arrangement to match or top any other. A cracking tune, with a gloriously powerful and catchy chorus, topping such soothing and intriguing melodies.

This song, like all of her work, brings out all the best in Janey’s wide vocal range, from gloriously bluesy harmonics to full on raunchy Rock’n’Roll. Her album ‘Along The Way’ was released in August 2008.

Given the opportunity, Janey could easily match the best of the all time greats and rise above them with ease. You can check her out at or at


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