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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: KLIK

KLIK for whatever reason reminds me a lot of the band Garbage with that ultra-modern sheen that wraps up their rock and roll in so many styles and flavours. From the very cool rocking out on “Bang Bang” and “We are Saints” to the more atmospheric “Sleeping With a Ghost” KLIK covers a lot of territory on their 2007 release We Are Saints. I was lucky enough to listen to the whole album and it really is one of those records that seems to change after each listen. Sometimes the moodier stuff pulls you in and and other times the harder-edged stuff is what you zero in on.

Voted “Americas #1 Unsigned Band” by Rolling Stone magazine, I am once again shocked at how a band like this is not played like crazy on Alternative Rock Radio or picked up by some major label somewhere. It just makes me shake my head. I can guarantee you that you will hear KLIK on Rock and Roll Report Radio in the near future. Yes, I think they are that good. Check out their MySpace page and have a listen at

Here is a video featuring highlights from their current We Are Saints 2007 tour:

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