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Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Lick and a Promise


Sex. Rock and roll has been obsessed with sex since Elvis thrust his hips into our face in the ‘50s and things haven’t changed much since. Now singing about sex either works or it doesn’t, there is no half ways about it and Lick and a Promise does a good job of it.

Natives of Germany and named after an Aerosmith track, Lick and a Promise have laid out their cards on the rock and roll table and they make no bones about what’s on their mind! You can use the term sleaze rock, raunch rock, sleaze grind or heck even plain old simple hard rock to describe the band but at the end of the day these guys just rock. Citing influences such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and the Beatles, they manage to bring their own sneering fuck you attitude to their brand of rock and roll and make it work. And Going Down Slow has one of the best drums and bass intros to a song that I have heard in a rock song.

Head over to their MySpace page at and have a listen, just don’t play these guys too loud at work or you will have Human Resources breathing down your neck in no time! And based on the unreleased track they sent me (I have played them both on the podcast and radio show. Check out Podcast # 6, the Sex and Rock and Roll episode and Podcast #9 as well as the March 17th edition of Rock and Roll Report Radio) they are just getting better.