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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Mama Mayhem

From Glasgow, Scotland comes the thunder and fury of Mama Mayhem. Making no apologies for their ferocious “classic rock” attack, this foursome are fantastic! This really is take no prisoners rock and roll meant to be played at high volume and best experienced live with a cold beer in your hand. Kamikaze blew me away and reminded me a bit of Wolfmother while Sirens just motors its way to rock and roll glory.

In addition to these two songs chug along to All Ye Hateful and the savage Stick To Your Guns on their MySpace page at

If you thought that you had to listen to classic rock from the seventies that is endlessly recycled on your local rock radio station, think again. Mama Mayhem will melt your woofers and make you want to pray to the memory of Bon Scott. Shit, their new live album is called High Heels on Cobbled Streets. Classic.