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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Nooner

nooner-small.jpgThe thing with me and music is upon first listen to a song I either love it immediately or I mentally file it away for another listen at a different time and headspace. When I have done the latter, I would say 50% of the time I fall in love with the tune, 25% of the time I file it away again and the remainder falls in the “it’s just not for me” category. The whole purpose of my current MySpace blitz on bands in my friends is to have a quick listen, check out what the band is about and write about them if they float my boat. No time for going back to the well in a couple of months unless the band sends me their CD. This is all about instant rock and roll gratification.

Nooner are from Austin, Texas and have 2 songs posted on their page from their “It’s Time” album, Confide and Kids. I really liked Confide but I actually went through the effort of downloading Kids so I could listen to it loud again and again and again. Including all the stuff that makes my rock and roll heart beat faster like melodic guitar and vocal hooks, a driving beat and harmonizing backing vocals, Kids is just another one of those perfect rock and roll songs to absolutely blare on the car stereo or during that backyard keg and pool party. Really good shit. Look for it on Rock and Roll Report Radio soon. Check out their MySpace page at

Here’s the video for Kids. Enjoy!

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