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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Paperback Freud

When I first heard Raise It Up the Flagpole by Stockholm, Sweden’s Paperback Freud and that absolutely demonic laugh in the middle of the song, I immediately wanted to drive my car at high speed with music blaring on the car stereo while flipping the bird to anybody that crossed my path, such is the effect on me of these guys’ embrace of true rock and roll raunch.

There is just something about this band that makes you want to (a) play them at full volume and (b) make sure everybody knows that you are playing them at full volume! Whether it’s the loud, take no prisoners rock and roll of the aforementioned Flagpole or the full-bore, psychotic call to arms of Straight Out of Hell with the killer chorus containing the immortal line of “We give you hell so you can raise it” to the hard rocking melody backing up Call Me Kate, Paperback Freud have all the ingredients that made me fall in love with rock and roll in the first place.

Sweden is rapidly becoming one of my favourite rock and roll nations and Paperback Freud is just proving the point. A cool name, great songs, and a sound that makes you want to drink more than necessary means this band is a keeper. Have a listen to their stuff on their MySpace page at and let me know if you are planning a trip to Sweden anytime soon. I’ll buy the first round.