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Rock and Roll Report Blitz! Save Pluto

I have said it before that good power pop makes me smile and Save Pluto make me smile, a lot. With their debut album Age of Lowered Expectations, this New York foursome have managed to put together a hook-filled power pop masterpiece that combine lyrics about growing up with guitar riffs reminiscent of Cheap Trick.

Having already played Red Letter Day and Where Did It All Go Wrong on Rock and Roll Report Podcast #20 and #22, there are plenty more tracks I plan on playing such is the quality of the material. With an energetic live show that manages to capture rock and roll fun at full volume, Save Pluto is without a doubt a band with the hooks, lyrics and chops to make you smile song after song after song. A wonderful find and highly recommended. As their bio sheet states without being mere overblown hype “Imagine a power-pop band that takes the smart-pop song writing of Fountains of Wayne and fuses it with the energy of vintage Cheap Trick and Big Star.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Check out their MySpace page for a taste and a smile


SAVE PLUTO: Age Of Lowered Expectations