Rock and Roll Report Blitz: Annex

annex-small.jpgI was introduced to Green Bay’s Annex by Shawn C. Lane, president of Fastlane Records and I was hooked instantly. I have already played Brought It On Yourself and Breaking Out on Rock and Roll Report Radio and am looking forward to their new CD Tattooed Millionaires that should be released soon.

I’m not surprised that they are signed to Fastlane as they play what I like to call melodic hard pop where the songs actually contain a recognizable melody and hook and they enjoy putting on a show on stage instead of standing there like robots. I mean, I spent about two days decided which song I was going to play on Monday’s show, either Breaking Out or You Brought It On Yourself (the uncensored version!) and finally settled on the latter. They kind of remind me of a hard rock version of Green Day which is a major compliment in my books.

A great band who understand the concept of loud Les Pauls plugged into Marshall stacks (go ask your older brother), The Annex put out a flawless blend of rock and roll party fun. Looking forward to getting the album. Check out their MySpace page at and enjoy the tunes.

Here is the video of You Brought It On Yourself. I mean shit, it’s got cheerleaders in it!