Rock and Roll Report Blitz: The Contrast


One band that has been a big supporter of The Rock and Roll Report has been UK band The Contrast. With incomparable lyrics by David Reid, the Contrast epitomize intelligent power pop without having that intelligence mar a fresh and jangly rock and roll sound. I realized to my horror a few weeks ago that I had neglected to play anything off of this year’s Underground Ghosts CD but quickly rectified that by playing Clue on the last Rock and Roll Report Radio.

Good lyrics don’t have to preach, they just have to be honest and not get in the way of the music. The Contrast manage both to do both with aplomb. An excellent band and highly recommended. Here is the video for Clue to give you a taste. You can listen to more of their stuff at their MySpace page at



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  1. Hey, Top Bannana, The Contrast, one of the UK’s secret bands that everyone who loves PsychPop and New wave really must hear!!

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