Rock and Roll Report Blitz: The Ettes

the-ettes-small.jpgI first discovered The Ettes, not on MySpace for once but at CKUT FM here in Montreal where I host Rock and Roll Report Radio. The guy on after me was late and I realized that I needed some music pronto so I rummaged through the new record releases in the studio and amongst a handful of CDs I grabbed Shake the Dust. I had vaguely heard of the band before and knew that there was a significant ’60s garage band influence so I unhesitatingly cued up Dead and Gone and cranked the studio monitors full bore and settled in.

Well, by looking at the album cover with that photo of 2 girls and a guy you would think that this might be some kind of cutesy, popsy light-weight record but holy shit the fuzz on the guitar literally bubbled up out of the speakers and dripped all over the mixing board. Raw but with just a hint of a hooky melody, The Ettes bang on their brand of garage rock and roll with presence and a full command of all that is distorted. Have a listen to No More Surprises and you’ll see what I mean.

Check out their MySpace page and have a listen. And just to caution you, no your woofers are not busted! That’s just the sound of fuzzed out guitar rock and roll. Thank you Coco.



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