Rock and Roll Report Blitz! The Fores


I was lucky enough to have The Fores contact me recently and send me four tracks to listen to. I can honestly say that this is one of those bands that I have listened to consistently ever since I heard the first song. Based out of Leicestershire, UK this four piece band have managed to embrace the essence of “classic rock” if you will and tie it to todays modern sounds and techniques to pump out rock and roll meant to be heard loud and live.

Unknown Destination was the first song that did it for me but lately Outta Town has been playing a lot on the iPod with Golden Gate starting to percolate up to the top of the playlist. Tight playing, excellent vocals and quality production (something I find to be increasingly important. No matter how good your band is, if the recording sounds like shit that is a big strike against you for those of us who want to play you on our podcasts and radio shows) make for an incredible rock and roll listening experience.

If you are looking for some classic rock and roll made now, check out The Fores and I am pretty sure you will be satisfied. You can listen to the same four tracks that I am on their MySpace page at