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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: The Naked Apes

The Naked Apes
are a sneaky, insidious little band from London, England who sing great pop-punk tunes full of catchy melodies that almost make you forget that they are singing about…SEX! That’s right these horny little bastards sing lyrics like:

“She said she
puts her cell phone to vibrate
sticks it down her pants
and calls herself all day”


“Out of 10 she’s a one-er
wasted, if she passed out she’d be funner
wasted, I’d rather be with your mother – again”

When I first put this CD on in the car I almost drove into the back of a car I was laughing so hard. I kept saying to myself “they can’t be singing a song with a chorus that says ‘why can’t all girls be nymphomaniacs'” but sure enough when I pulled over and checked the CD booklet that was in fact what they are singing in the supremely catchy “Little Nympho.”

This CD is an absolute blast of rude punk-pop goodness and it has a great sense of humor throughout. I mean, listening to “Wasted” you don’t know whether to air guitar or laugh out loud (or perhaps blush if we are of the more prudish persuasion). It continues on tunes like “Life’s a Beach, Then You Dive”, “If You See Kay” (which really confused my 12 year old son who kept asking me if they were spelling THAT word!) and the life-altering “Party Naked.”

The Naked Apes bring a great sense of fun to their brand of rock and roll and I say thank God for that! A keeper.

Check out their MySpace page at and get wasted, or naked…

Here’s a video of the band performing Wasted live:

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