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Rock and Roll Report Blitz: The Tenspoke Indies

In this “singles generation” where it seems that the music industry is ruled by one hit wonders and we seem to have gone back in time where records were merely the latest single surrounded by filler, it’s nice to listen to a CD where you literally cannot make up your mind as to which song is your favourite. Such is my dilemma with the new CD Blinded By Sound by Tampa, Florida band Tenspoke Indies.

I was immediately floored by opening track Blinded By Sound and things continued to build with Give To Get (which reminds me a bit of the groove from Cold Heart Bitch by Jet). But the song that really got my rock and roll heart beating was the opening bass line to Lights Out, a phenomenal track which has been playing on my iPod nonstop since I got the CD. Throw in some absolutely first rate ballads including the beautiful Over Your Shoulder and you have a high energy rock and roll classic. Highly recommended. Listen for them on the next Rock and Roll Report Radio on January 14, 2008 and an upcoming Rock and Roll Report Podcast.



TENSPOKE INDIES: Blinded By The Sound

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