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Hard rock. The term means all kinds of things to those who love it and less so to those who don’t but for those of us who love it they can thankfully look to bands like Toronto’s in gratitude.

Honed on the likes of ’70s hard rock from the masters like AC/DC and Aerosmith, these guys are unapologetic hard rockers to the core. Fronted by former Killer Dwarf Darell Millar, this four piece is well armed with some amazing blues-based rock and roll that is almost a necessity for driving at high speed on a hot summer’s night. And the best thing about these guys is that they are just getting going with their brand new release Pocket Change having just been released on Unkle Dunk Records.

Check out their MySpace page at for some samples and then head to their website at to order your copy of the CD. I’ve played them on Rock and Roll Report Radio and the Podcast and I am planning on playing more. If you thought that great hard rock was dead you might want to check these guys out before you make any further pronouncements.