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Rock and Roll Report Focus On: Susan Weber’s Monet’s Orbit

susanweber.jpgSusan Weber has been a part of the music scene here in the Cleveland area for several years. Susan got her start as a singer-songwriter after hearing material from people like John Prine and Joni Mitchell. And her start as a guitar player started with the help of Michele Temple of Cleveland noise-rock band, Pere Ubu. Susan took her influences and combined them in her style of songwriting that is present on Monet's Orbit.
It's been a decade since Susan released her last album. The time between the last album and this release was filled with several different projects, but no released material surfaced as a result of those projects.

Susan's new album, Monet's Orbit, features her band that is known by the same name. Along with Susan on Guitar and vocals, the band also includes Walt Campbell on bass and vocals, and Trees Mausser on drums. Along with the main members of the group, Susan is also joined on the album by lead guitarists John Grail and Jay Bentoff, Chris Solt on percussion and keyboards, and Spencer Kohan on saxophone.

The album features 11 tracks written by Susan. The sound of the album has been described as being influenced by the likes of Jefferson Airplane to Bob Dylan. Her vocal style is somewhere between Janis Joplin and Mick Jagger. The songs are Rock-N-Roll in its purist form. If you've been missing straight-out Rock-N-Roll, here is an album that should make you happy.

Susan has had her share of notoriety in the Cleveland area and beyond. She has been named Best Female Singer-Songwriter in the Free Times Music Awards. She has also received the honor of winning awards including the Great American Song Contest Honor Award.
After a decade of not releasing new material, Susan has made a very strong comeback with a rock album that is sure to please the hardest critics. If you like straight-out rock, add Susan Weber and Monet's Orbit to your list of things that need to be heard.

You can learn more about Susan Weber and her music, plus find out about her bandmates, by going to You can also check out Susan's myspace account @

Matheson Kamin

SUSAN WEBER: Monet's Orbit

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