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Rock and Roll Report Focus on the Unsparing Sea

The best thing about living in a city that has as many musicians as Cleveland is that, from time to time, you will come across people that get together with the concept of forming a band or group to make music in a style unlike anything that is currently being performed by anyone else. This is where Cleveland’s Unsparing Sea comes into the picture. Taking musical instruments such as glockenspiel, musical saw, and cello along with guitars, drums, organ and other instruments, the band went about recording some of the most unusual and intriguing music to come out of a recording studio for a long time; if not, ever.

J.R. Bennett and Robyn Bennett put the band together after they moved from Nashville, the city where both grew up. The move came as they were looking for a change. They found that change in the new location and the area’s musicians that came with it. With some of these musicians, Unsparing Sea was born.

Unsparing Sea is J.R. Bennett, who sings and plays guitar; Robyn Bennett, who plays keyboards; Tara Klein, who plays cello in the Akron Symphony Orchestra; bassist David Maison; drummer Ethan Wilt; and Sarah Wormsworth, who plays the musical saw and the glockenspiel. The style of the band’s music is a cross between folk, indie and western swing.

After releasing their first critically well-received EP, Unsparing Sea went back into the studio to record their first album, A Cloud in the Cathedral. Like the band’s EP release, A Cloud in the Cathedral features the band’s unusual musical blend. And it’s not just its sound that makes the band different, it’s also the topics of the songs that make Unsparing Sea unlike most of what’s out there right now. From sea faring to dealing with religion, themes from literature, nature and human nature as well, songs like God Will Protect the Naive, Where Serpents Held Esteem, and The 39 Steps make for an interesting album.

If you like discovering new and different groups, as well as new styles of music, take the time to check out Unsparing Sea. You can find the band at or at

Matheson Kamin