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Vary Lumar is a quartet of musicians from Boston, Massachusetts. As the band has said, the most important thing to know about the music is that the band has various influences that show up in their songs, which helps create the varying styles that show up in the band’s rock music.

The band is made up of four talented musicians that help shape the band’s music. The band members are: Paul De Pasquale on vocals/guitar/keyboards, Ben Case on guitar, Rob Laff on bass, and Rob Fusco on drums.

Together, these four musicians have created one of the most enjoyable rock releases in a long time. The band released their album, Waiting Room, in early 2008. Since then, the band has had a lot of great coverage, which includes having the album named album of the month by Northeast Performer Magazine. With the type of fine musicianship that the members of the band exhibit on the songs, it is easy to see how the album could acquire that honor.

Vary Lumar’s Waiting Room is an album that never gets dull. The band takes their influences and creates an ever-changing landscape of music that alternates between rock, punk rock, and instrumental rock. Once the band gives you some of the best rock it produces, it gives the listener a song like Great Change, a song that helps slow things down for just a while before kicking it up a notch again to prevent the mood from getting too mellow. Another song that does that on the album is Cosmopolitic. Both Great Change and Cosmopolitic show the band’s ability to play their instruments and also provides the listener some proof that there are some bands in the music industry that know how to compose their songs. Other songs on the album that are worth the time to check out are Next Step, Inside Greenwich Village, and Suckerpunch; however, the whole album makes for a wonderful listening experience.

It makes me wonder what the major labels are looking for when a band like Vary Lumar can release an album like Waiting Room and have to release it on an indie label. It does not matter, however. What is a loss for the major labels ends up being a wonderful find for Swoom Records. An album like this shows you that much of today’s most creative music is not being released on the major labels, but on the many smaller independent record labels.

Vary Lumar is a band that needs to be discovered. And the band’s album, Waiting Room, needs to be heard. The band can be found at You can also find them on MySpace at


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