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Rock and Roll Report Playlist for October 8, 2007

johnny_fever_2.jpgThe theme for this week’s show was based on a quote I saw on the MySpace page of the band Boone Heights which said “Why isn’t Rock n’ Roll a genre anymore?”

This is something I have complained about for years, the over-classification of rock and roll. Quite frankly I don’t care if you listen to Danish Goth Metal or California Power Pop Punk it is all rock and roll. The only concession I’ll give to ’60s nostalgia is the fact that whatever it was, whether it be the Stones, Doors or Frank Zappa it was all considered rock and roll. Let’s reclaim the term and use it before it fades into obsolescence.

On that note, the music I play on the show usually covers the gamut of rock and roll and this show was no exception. Whether it is the punk-inflected tunes of the late great The Joneses or the cock rock of Endeverafter, it’s all part of that great rock and roll stew. Hope you enjoyed it and if you missed it you can download it from the link below for one week.

Artist- Album – Song

  1. Astronaut Academy – s/t – Mayday
  2. The Joneses – Keeping Up With the Joneses – Tits and Champagne
  3. Chop Suicide – Demo – Here to Stay
  4. Rock ‘n Roll Stormtroopers – On Fire – Astrogirl
  5. Dimestore Haloes – The Ghosts of Saturday Night – Hot Pink Stereo
  6. The Soft Explosions– s/t – Funky Black Cat
  7. Dum Dog Run – Unreleased- Get To The Chopper
  8. Endeverafter – Kiss or Kill – Baby Baby Baby
  9. Heavy Drapes – Unreleased – I Wanna Be Maladjusted
  10. Swig – True Grit – Truck Drivin’ Jackass
  11. The Tender Box – The Score – Place Called Home

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