Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 1


Finally, it’s here! After months of trying to figure out all the ins and outs of putting together a podcast I have managed to get my shit together and create something that I think is pretty good. If you are looking for an antidote to listening to the same thing on commercial rock radio day in and day out, give the Rock and Roll Report Podcast a listen for some welcome relief.

To listen to the podcast you can either hit “play” (that triangle button thingy on the right) or download the whole MP3 file to your computer or MP3 player. Let me know if you run into any problems.

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The tracks that I play on this podcast include:

Rock and Roll Report Intro – The Rock and Roll Report Intro is performed by Miami-based Featured on Fridays, the incredible duo of extremely talented musicians Brev Sullivan and Crystal Fawn. Expect to hear more of Featured on Fridays on a podcast in the near future.

  1. Good Storm by Swedish band The Mainliners off of the very cool Swedish record label Crusher Records
    Buy the CD
  2. Hanging Like A Suicide by Edinburgh, Scotland’s the Heavy Drapes who are currently unsigned with no management.
  3. All I Wanted by Australian band Hailer, also unsigned.
  4. Sex66 by Rochester, New York’s Atomic Swindlers (thanks for the promo Roy and April!)
    Buy the CD
  5. You Brought It On Yourself by Green Bay, Wisconsin’s The Annex who are signed to the excellent Fastlane Records (expect a feature on Fastlane on an upcoming podcast)
  6. Red Eye by Bellingham, Washington’s The DT’s
    Buy Filthy Habits from Amazon
  7. Wrong by Hamilton, Ontario’s The Morning Stars
    Buy the CD
  8. Hang Your Head by Hollywood, California’s The Blessings
  9. Buy the CD

Hope you enjoy the show! Let me know what you think, send me suggestions on bands you think will pop my cork or just say hi! You can get in touch with me by sending an email to or leaving a voice message at 1-647-724-4194 Code# *5288116 or Skype me at Rockandrollreport.

The next podcast will be out Wednesday, December 5th, 2007.



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Yes I have to experiment with the mic volume. Hopefully it will sound better in podcast 2. My fear of distortion (and complete lack of audio engineering skills!) kept it pretty low.

Thanks for listening!

This is the best my friend. Top of the toppermost as Lennon used to say. BIG THANKS for spreading the word on my band HEAVY DRAPES, you have rock’n’roll in your blood and are truely blessed!

We now have interest in your homeland and have been put forward for the North by North East Festival (unclear if it will come off). We have representation in Los Angeles and it looks as if we’ll fly over to the States this year after a load of shows in the UK.

Muchos Respectos
De Liberate

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