Rock and Roll Report Podcast #10 – One Hour of Primo Rock and Roll!


Well I have finally hit double digits with the podcast and it’s still going strong. Now that I have some consistency under my belt I am looking to produce a podcast on a weekly basis. Look for news on that soon.

For this podcast I decided to have a look back at some of the bands I have played in the past, both on the podcast and on Rock and Roll Report Radio as well as offer a glimpse of some great new stuff.

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And the pic above is of my good friend and Rock and Roll Report Girl Tova. That’s just a little hint at what we have in store when the site gets its graphical overhaul in late spring…

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Thanks for listening. This is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. She’s Not the Girl For Me by The Condors
  3. Drink In Her Hand by The Blessings
  4. Interstate by Tenspoke Indies
  5. I Wanna Be Maladjusted by the Heavy Drapes
  6. Filthy Ways by The Sleepers
  7. Self-Esteem by Switchback
  8. Undertaker by Broken Teeth
  9. Built For Speed by Big Cock
  10. Tweaking the Fine Tune by Jonathan Bright
  11. Come On X3 by Galore
  12. Louder by the Piper Downs
  13. Over by Leigh Silver
  14. Guilloteenager by The Meddling Kids
  15. Legs by Beretta76
  16. Don’t Waste Time by The Morning Stars
  17. Full Tilt by the Spaceship Blues
  18. Outta Town by The Fores
  19. Straight Outta Hell by Paperback Freud
  20. Bourbon & Ice by the Mainliners
  21. Rock and Roll Report Outro featuring Crystal Fawn of Featured on Fridays

Thanks for listening! Later.


(Click on any of the albums below by the artists featured on today’s podcast to purchase their music and support real rock and roll! Thanks.)

JONATHAN BRIGHT: radio free tennesseeTHE PIPER DOWNS: Varying Degrees Of Failure And TunelessnessLEIGH SILVER AND THE BITTERTHINGS: leigh silver and the bitterthingsTHE MEDDLING KIDS: The Meddling Kids
BERETTA76: Black BeautyTHE MORNING STARS: You Can't Change The WorldMAINLINERS: Mainliners

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