Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 2

Well this week’s podcast clocks in at a more reasonable 30 minutes and this is the length I would like to keep them for the time being. This week’s podcast continues my look at stuff that I love and should continue to give you a taste for the kind of rock and roll that we should be able to hear on commercial rock radio if only commercial rock radio was slightly more adventurous.

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Here is the lowdown on what I played:

  1. Kicked things off in style as usual with the Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro that was created by Miami-based band Featured on Fridays featuring the ultra-sexy voice of bassist Crystal Fawn
  2. Started our rock and roll blitz with New York-based Daphne (named after the Scoobie Doo character) and their infectious track Sin
    Buy the CDDAPHNE: Daphne
  3. Then I had Jonathan Bright chime in with that great first line to his mom off of Shine from 2004’s Radio Free Tennessee
    Buy the CD JONATHAN BRIGHT: radio free tennessee
  4. And what’s rock and roll without some Big Cock! From their Year of the Cock I just had to play the classic King of Cool
    Buy the CDBIG COCK: Year of the Cock
  5. Fastlane Records definitely has a winner on it’s hands with American Anthem and a song that has grown to become a constant on my iPod in I think About You
  6. As I mention on the podcast, Philadelphia’s Beretta76 have an amazingly catchy chorus on their song Hit Parade. It’s one of those choruses that sticks in your head for hours after you hear it!
    Buy the CDBERETTA76: Black Beauty
  7. If anybody tells me they cannot relate to The Machine Gun Song by Bang Sugar Bang I would say you are outright lying!
    Buy the CDBANG SUGAR BANG: Thwak Thwak Go Crazy!!
  8. Next up is one of my regular listens, the ultra-cool Kill The Summer by Glasgow, Scotland’s Dead City Riots
  9. Finally, I ended things off with a song that reminds me so much of the groove from Sweet Emotion by Aerosmith, the slinky, bass-heavy Back to Then by Los Angele-based Astronaut Academy

Well I hope you enjoyed the podcast and if you did please spread the word! You can always get in touch with me by dropping a comment on this site or emailing me at

As I will be hosting Rock and Roll Report Radio next week, December 10th, 2007 on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal and online at from 10:00 – 11:00 PM EST there will be no podcast. It will return the following week on December 19th and then I will probably take a break until after the holidays.

Thanks for listening and check out all the bands on the show. They are all worth your rock and roll time. Turn it up!



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