Rock and Roll Report Podcast #23 – A Refreshing Bit of Unpredictability

This week’s podcast is a bit of a change in that the music I play comprise some pretty wide range of styles with it veering almost into the pop category. Regardless of what genre you want to classify these songs in they are all great and I want to be at least somewhat unpredictable with the podcast since what is the fun if I only play everything that sounds similar?

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Here is what I played:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. It’s Not The First Time by Sarah Vonderhaar
  3. Pretty Little Girl by The Silentreatment
  4. Keeping Up With The Jones’ by Corey Tut
  5. Orion’s Light by Telling On Trixie
  6. Cop Light Parade by High on Stress
  7. No Guarantees by The Rationales
  8. She Roxx by Chewy Marble
  9. Rock & Roll Queen by The Subways
  10. Freedom by The Boxing Lesson
  11. I Wish It Were Mine by Amy Lennard
  12. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Outro by Featured on Fridays

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Catch you next week.


Click any of the links below to buy the music of the artists played on this week’s podcast.

THE SILENTREATMENT: Sinful Acts Of AudioCOREY TUT: Everything
TELLING ON TRIXIE: Telling on TrixieHIGH ON STRESS: Moonlight Girls
THE RATIONALES: The Going and The GoneCHEWY MARBLE: Modulations
THE BOXING LESSON: Wild Streaks & Windy DaysAMY LENNARD: ep

1 Comment

  1. ~Hello RRR,
    I went for a really nice power walk, on the beach here in S.Fla &
    I took along with me, Podcast # 22 & # 23…..
    I was truly “BLOWN AWAY”…I really enjoyed Podcast #23 as that
    Kind of music is more my style….
    What struck me the most, was how your passion for what you do, shines through.
    I think you bring so much to the table, with your endless searching for music that
    We would not be able to hear, if it were not for your passion & talent….
    You have truly found your calling….&, I’m proud to be your biggest FAN !!!!

    Note : I do think the Podcast should run, at least 45 min’s…I like them on the longer side…
    Now, I will tune in every week to listen…because it’s that good.

    ~So, as I’m strolling down the beach is my skimpy 2 piece swim suite..& the guy’s are waving & yelling….I can’t hear them, Why?……..
    Because I have RRR… Cranked up…& it’s total, BLISS~

    Your # 1 FAN…..&, Original triple R girl…
    Sharon Vaughn
    Fort Lauderdale Fl.

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