Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 3

rrr_1441.jpgHere you are for your listening pleasure the Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 3! This will be the last podcast for 2007. Podcast# 4 will debut in early January 2008, probably on January 9th. If you are having trouble with listening to the podcast you might want to read my guide to listening to The Rock and Roll Report Podcast.

I have included here links to the bands played plus various ways you can buy the CDs of the bands featured (just click on the CD covers or iTunes button). The iTunes links are for the actual song played although you can always download the whole album!

Thanks for listening.

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Song – Band – Album

  • Panic Attack At Breakfast – I’m Naut What I Seem – Helen StellarHelen Stellar - I'm Naut What I Seem - Panic Attack At Breakfast

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  1. Hi Mark,

    Love your show, you seem to like the same kind/s if rock I do.
    Never heard any of these bands but will be getting to know some of them a lot more.
    I do a 25 min podcast that spotlights one artist for the whole show and you have just given me a wealth of good artist to look into.

    Great to hear someone who can bring in a fresh list of new artist. Your “About ” page is right on the mark. I get so mad when new bands can’t get singed to a record label, but they put out another Led Zepp best of like we need that. Guess if Jimmy Page was shopping for a record deal now a days (and was not already famous) they’d turn him down. Your absolutely right about radio stations too. Quit playing Arosmith and find something new.

    Thanks again for the great show, cant wait for show four.

    A1 Mark
    A1 Artist Spotlight .Com
    Web address

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