Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 3

rrr_1441.jpgHere you are for your listening pleasure the Rock and Roll Report Podcast# 3! This will be the last podcast for 2007. Podcast# 4 will debut in early January 2008, probably on January 9th. If you are having trouble with listening to the podcast you might want to read my guide to listening to The Rock and Roll Report Podcast.

I have included here links to the bands played plus various ways you can buy the CDs of the bands featured (just click on the CD covers or iTunes button). The iTunes links are for the actual song played although you can always download the whole album!

Thanks for listening.

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Song – Band – Album

  • Panic Attack At Breakfast – I’m Naut What I Seem – Helen StellarHelen Stellar - I'm Naut What I Seem - Panic Attack At Breakfast