Rock and Roll Report Podcast #31 – Soak Her In…..

On this week’s Rock and Roll Report Podcast I continue my look back at the first 15 podcasts and play 2 tracks from each. Hopefully this will give those new to the show a taste for what it is all about since until last week I never repeated a song on a podcast before.

I also hope that you get a sense that the podcast and the site as a whole is about rock and roll in its entirety. It is not a hard rock podcast. It is not a power pop podcast and it is not an “indie” podcast. What the Rock and Roll Report is all about is rock and roll pure and simple. Let’s stop slicing our rock and roll into multiple genres and niches. Instead, consider rock and roll as a vast music buffet where part of the fun is sampling a bit of all that is on the table, especially stuff that you have never tried before. The fact that all the bands and artists are either unsigned or on smaller independent record labels should never blind you to the fact that there is some absolutely amazing stuff out there.

Oh, and say hi to friend of the Rock and Roll Report Cait who definitely enjoys pulling up a chair to the rock and roll buffet table and sampling as much as she can. Hopefully I will be able to convince her to put together a playlist for the podcast in the near future.

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This is what I played on this week’s show:

  1. Rock and Roll Report Podcast Intro by Featured on Fridays
  2. Soak Her In by Avi and Celia from Podcast # 14
  3. Flat on My Face by the B-Movie Rats from Podcast # 15
  4. Raise It Up the Flagpole by Paperback Freud from Podcast # 8
  5. Rooftop Sniper by The Brown Hornets from Podcast # 5
  6. She’s An Elevator by Galore from Podcast # 3
  7. She’s Not the Girl For Me by The Condors from Podcast # 10
  8. Don’t Let Me In by The Sleepers from Podcast # 4
  9. Shake It Off by The Supersuckers from Podcast # 15
  10. Lights Out by The Tenspoke Indies from Podcast # 5
  11. Self-Esteem by Switchback from Podcast # 10
  12. Rock and Roll Report Outro by Featured on Fridays